How many hats are you wearing?
My shoulders are tensed, neck feels a little tight and I can feel a headache coming on. Not sure of the reason, but it could be attributed to the stack of hats I constantly try to juggle on a daily basis. The Mom hat, boss hat, friend hat, family hat, wife hat, community hat, activities hat and nurse hat all piled high on top of my head because the “no” hat just isn’t in my closet. The stiffness in my body from trying to keep my hats from falling off is causing all kinds of ruckus in my life. I simply no longer have time for me! I give, give, give until I fall flat on my face as a pile of hats comes tumbling down.

If I make a decision to remove some of my hats what will the world think of me? Will I be judged as being selfish? Will I be overlooked for opportunities? Will my family think I’m not fulfilling my responsibilities? Or, will I finally get it, that wearing too many hats is not only detrimental to my health, it also prevents me from being the best person for anyone.

“I’m Every Woman” can be the best or worst title to hold if we’re not effectively managing the hats we wear. Before stiffness and stress invades your body, you have to ask yourself, “How many hats am I juggling?” Are the hats depositing energy or just taking energy away? Did I start my day off donning “eat a healthy breakfast” hat or did I decide to put on the “it’s okay to skip breakfast” hat? Do I put on my “I’m going walking” hat or “I’m going to run around for everyone else” hat?

Multi-tasking, taking care of everyone else, or trying to please everybody is not a sustainable life. “I’m Every Woman” is about putting yourself at the top of your “to-do” list. It’s not apologizing for spending time relaxing, working out, or making time to eat nutritious meals. It’s about loving yourself so much that the hat closet gets purged and organized in a way that allows you to live your best life while helping others in the process.

Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Hat Closet

  1. Take inventory of your schedule and how many activities you’re engaged in.
  2. Prioritize your hat closet so that your “recharge” activities are at the top of the list (remember that you don’t want to breakdown because your “car” ran out of gas).
  3. Level-set expectations with your family, work and community; you will actually be more equipped to give your best self to the world if you put yourself first.
  4. Enlist the help of an accountability partner (one who will not be afraid to tell you how ridiculous you look wearing so many hats).
  5. Write it down; put it on your smart devices, sticky notes, etc. but make sure your recharge activities are in your face and not just something in your head.
  6. Some things MUST be non-negotiable. When you’re tempted to reschedule your recharge activities, remind yourself that it boils down to you investing in the most important blessing … your life .
  7. ASK for HELP!! Take it from me – a mom, wife, friend, sister, engaged community member, full-time employee, nurse to everyone in my family and everything else, it’s not only okay to ask for help, it’s a must if you desire to take off some of those hats.
  8. Plan and prepare; sometimes it just takes sitting back and putting together a schedule to help prepare for our fast-paced lives.
  9. You can do anything for a season, but don’t let the season turn into a “Pittsburgh” winter which lasts for what seems like half a year; make sure there’s an end to the madness that sometimes consumes us.
  10. Learn to say “NO” and don’t apologize for investing in the best creation on the earth … YOU!

I encourage you to make a conscious choice that your life is important and that treating yourself to a healthy life is not selfishness but self-love, and that is where it all begins.

Until we meet again, take off some of those hats!