With our MyStory video series, we’re sharing an inside look at the lives, experiences and passions of people who are part of the Highmark Health community. These videos were created by the talented members of the Highmark Health multimedia team: Richard “Zoot” Dwyer, Tanner Rose and Josh Elsass.

More than 43,000 people work at Highmark Health, and many more work with us through vendors and other partnerships. But no one is defined solely by their job title. From the challenges they’ve faced to the dreams they’ve chased, the members of the Highmark Health family all have a story to tell.

Meet Myla: Strategy Consultant, Senior Markets

A Highmark Health Jefferson Awards winner in 2016 and 2017, Myla and her family moved to the U.S. without any possessions. Her career success has never changed her commitment to living a life of service, including organizing to help the people of her native Philippines recover from two typhoons.


Meet Joshua: STAR Center Manager of Simulation

From masonry to hospitality to working his way up through the hospital system to manage one of only about 80 accredited medical simulation centers in the world, Joshua has learned lessons at every step that help him make a difference.


Meet Cathy: Respiratory Therapist

Whether she’s taking care of patients, collecting and distributing diapers for people in need throughout the community, or helping her husband with ministry work, Cathy believes that “we are here to serve, and to give back” — and she lives her belief every day.


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