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Children skiing at the QUAD Kids event.
Celebrating the Highmark QUAD Games By Jenny Shinsky
May 9 2017

Now in its 35th year, the Highmark QUAD Games is a way for the whole family to stay fit all year round.

The Ehrman family pictured after running The Great Race.
Celebrating a “Perfect Great Racer” By Sam Nolan
September 14 2016

Phil Ehrman knows what it takes to go the distance. He’s run The Pittsburgh Great Race since 1977.

Smiling woman jogging along road
Train for a 5K With Running 101 By Brooke Reitz
August 13 2016

You can run a 5K in just 3 months with our Running 101 program. You just need a good pair of sneakers and some determination.

Starting line for half-marathon
Highmark Runs:
Lessons Learned from My First Half-Marathon
By Kristin Beaver
June 24 2016

From start to finish, get the true story and real lessons of one employee’s first half-marathon — and first puppy.

Kristin and security guard Hilary Wicks
Highmark Runs: Half-Marathon Training Truths By Kristin Beaver
March 7 2016

A month into her journey to 13.1, Kristin says encouragement from others is a key ingredient for half-marathon training.

Kristin Beaver running outfit
Highmark Runs: My First Half-Marathon … and First Blog By Kristin Beaver
February 5 2016

After registering for her first half-marathon, Kristin Beaver adds blogging to her training regimen. Join her on the journey!

Bryce Walat and Stacy Byers after a trail run
How Highmark Employees Stay Healthy: Running Toward Health By Bryce Walat
January 28 2016

Worrisome health screening numbers started Highmark’s Bryce Walat on the race toward better health.

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