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Still images from the DIY Health fitness and recipe videos for August 2018 over top of the Do-It-Yourself Health banner
Do-It-Yourself Health: Healthy Lifestyle Choices, August 2018 By Ali Sabert
August 1 2018

We can’t control everything that impacts our health, but that makes it all the more important to focus on what we do control.

Young man making a dismissive motion with his hand
Ask a Doc: Men’s Health and Primary Care By Bryce Walat
June 9 2017

Don’t be that guy who only sees a doctor after a health fail. Be that guy who reads this article and takes Dr. Myers’ advice.

A tumbler of scotch next to an ashtray with a lit cigarette
Oral Cancer: What to Know and Do By Jess Bomgardner
May 31 2017

Combining smoking and heavy drinking raises your risk of oral cancer. Protect your mouth by knowing the risks and symptoms.

A cigarette with the words "the last cigarette" on it
Oral Health Benefits When You Quit Smoking By Jess Bomgardner
April 21 2017

Your last cigarette is also your first step to better oral health. See how quitting benefits you over time.

Links To The Future
Links to the Future: Improved Delivery of Parkinson’s Meds, A Nanotech Toothbrush, and More By Ben Korman
July 3 2015

Brushing with nanotechnology instead of toothpaste? Just one intriguing highlight from our “Links to the Future” round-up.

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