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Still images from the DIY Health fitness and recipe videos for August 2018 over top of the Do-It-Yourself Health banner
Do-It-Yourself Health: Healthy Lifestyle Choices, August 2018 By Ali Sabert
August 1 2018

We can’t control everything that impacts our health, but that makes it all the more important to focus on what we do control.

Highmark Health CEO David Holmberg
Straight from the CEO: Strategic Partnerships Create Value for the Customer By David Holmberg
July 12 2018

Amidst all the big acquisitions and mergers in health care, CEO David Holmberg explains why partnering drives our strategy.

Screenshots from the DIY Health fitness and recipe videos above the DIY Health title
Do-It-Yourself Health: Staying Healthy as a Family, July 2018 By Rachel Kurtter
July 2 2018

Nothing against Family Pizza Night, but celebrate summer by launching a Family Fun Day to stay active and healthy together!

Screen caps from the fitness and recipe videos over the Do-It-Yourself Health banner
Do-It-Yourself Health: The Great Outdoors, June 2018 By Karen Badzgon
June 1 2018

For Great Outdoors Month, our DIY Health team has tips to get you and your family outside and keep you active and healthy.

Captured images from the DIY Health exercise and recipe videos with the Do It Yourself Health banner below them
Do-It-Yourself Health: Skin Health, May 2018 By Alyssa Brindle
May 1 2018

When it comes to your health, don’t overlook the importance of your skin — bask in these tips from our DIY Health team.

Do-It-Yourself Health: Now Trending, April 2018 By Laura Maydak
April 2 2018

The latest fitness and diet trends…are not always the greatest for your health. The DIY Health team has some helpful tips.

Screencap of an image from the DIY Health fitness video next to a screencap from the DIY Health recipe video over the Do-It-Yourself Health banner
Do-It-Yourself Health: Colorectal Cancer Awareness, March 2018 By Gregory Byrnes
March 1 2018

A healthy lifestyle can also reduce your risk of cancer — here are five tips to help reduce the risk of colon cancer.

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