Getting Healthcare Right
Posted November 16, 2017
View from one sideline of football field
Dr. David Jho gets a great view of every Steelers game — but he’s working, watching for concussions. Read More
Posted November 9, 2017
Soldier and doctor shaking hands with U.S. flag on background
The V.E.T.S. BRG helps Highmark Health to fully value its veterans, and veterans to understand the value of Highmark Health. Read More
Posted November 3, 2017
MyStory logo
The MyStory video team shares three more inspiring videos from Highmark Health employees who strive to make a difference. Read More
Posted November 1, 2017
DIY Health banner with images from fitness and nutrition videos
“Rolling the dice” with your health, combatting “free radicals” — our DIY Health experts keep it interesting with new tips! Read More
Posted October 27, 2017
Upset teenage woman sitting on school steps and making a call
Pennsylvania’s Bullying Prevention Consultation Line gives students and their families a central place to cope with bullying. Read More
Posted October 26, 2017
A young boy holds Stop bullying sign.
Bullying is a public health issue — the Highmark Foundation and its partners make preventing it a high priority. Read More
Posted October 20, 2017
A middle-aged female doctor consulting with a patient in her 20s
On the path to childbirth or any other women’s health journey, here’s how to help your OB-GYN help you. Read More

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