Oral cancer is not often talked about and goes by many other names, including mouth cancer, tongue cancer and throat cancer. However, 132 individuals are diagnosed with oral cancer in the U.S. every day, so it’s important for adults to know about oral cancer risk factors and symptoms.

“Those with high-risk habits, such as tobacco use, heavy alcohol consumption or poor nutrition, increase their likelihood of developing oral cancer,” explains Quinn Dufurrena, D.D.S., J.D., chief dental officer at United Concordia Dental. “The good news is that these habits can be curbed. Your dentist, when visited regularly, can detect early signs of oral cancer to prevent complications.”

To help spread awareness about risks, symptoms and prevention methods, Highmark Health’s dental solutions business, United Concordia, has created an infographic: “What You Need To Know About Oral Cancer.” If you find the information helpful, please spread the word by sharing this article with others!

Infographic with oral cancer facts, risks, and symptoms