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Alison Conte

Alison Conte, word enthusiast, has been a professional writer for many, many years. She has worked as an editor, publicist and web strategist in higher education, heath care, manufacturing and social services. She now works with Highmark’s multi-channel marketing team as a senior writer.

Married with one grown daughter, she likes to cook, garden and walk for fun and exercise. A veteran journalist, she has been published in several books, Pittsburgh Magazine,the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and the Sewickley Herald. She serves on the board of the Pittsburgh Chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators.

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At the Highmark Health blog, we believe that personal storytelling is a healthy way to learn, inspire and build stronger connections. We're fortunate to have had contributions from well over 100 different people. You can learn more about any post's author by clicking their name, or you can meet the whole community at once.

Almost all our posts have a personal voice, and you'll find plenty of expert quotes and Q&A interviews as well. If you enjoy reading stories like this one, you can find more in the "Our Stories" category and by clicking topic tags like "inspiration" and "making a difference."

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