For many, Hershey’s Chocolate World is the heart of central Pennsylvania. Just a mention of the iconic Chocolate World name stirs sweet childhood memories of the chocolate-making tour and even sweeter memories of the delicious treats waiting at the end of it. Visitors can watch a show featuring Hershey characters; partake in chocolate tastings, build their own candy bars; or sit back, relax and enjoy a special Hershey creation in the food court.

Active fun with Hershey's Warm Up in Our World

Hula Hoop, Jump Rope and Other Fitness Activities for Kids

This year, Hershey’s Chocolate World added an exciting twist to the winter portion of their year-round events by adding new ingredients to the recipe: healthy lifestyle and physical fitness education. Teaming up with Highmark health and wellness experts (our “Highmark Health Promoters” team), Hershey hosted Warm Up In Our World wellness and family activities to encourage Chocolate World visitors to get active and make smart eating choices.

“Many people want to start the new year off on the right foot, and Hershey’s Chocolate World offers a fun, indoor environment to get active while learning about healthier lifestyle choices,” said Todd Kohr, marketing manager at Hershey’s Chocolate World. “Known as a leader in wellness education, Highmark is the perfect partner to help showcase healthier lifestyle choices. Highmark’s efforts aim to improve the health and well-being of individuals in the communities it serves, and that is really important.”

More than 50 Highmark employees from our Camp Hill, PA, location volunteered their time and expertise to help lead the wellness activities. Physical fitness activities like hula hoop, jump rope and Reese’s Playoff Pandemonium football toss were fun for children, especially during the play-along periods with Hershey’s characters.

Zumba and Cooking Demonstrations for the Grown-Ups

Adults enjoyed free Zumba classes and live cooking demonstrations, where Highmark nutritional consultants prepared classic Hershey recipes with health-minded modifications.

Check out Highmark’s healthier chocolate snack recipes:

Chocolate and Fruit Snack Mix

Chocolate and Fruit Snack Mix

Interactive health games highlighting the importance of balancing meals through the MyPlate program and getting the right amount of daily physical activity — hosted by Highmark’s specially trained employee volunteers, the Highmark Health Promoters — were hits with many families.

“The Warm Up In Our World activities helped families understand how balance is an important part of lifestyle choices. Desserts and candy can be a treat enjoyed in moderation,” Kohr said. “We are grateful to Highmark for helping us convey that message to our valued customers.”

Healthy opportunities are everywhere, even in a place devoted to a love of chocolate. So treat yourself, but also be on the lookout for little steps you can take to add activity to your day. Bonus points if you share your healthy habits in the comments!