If you believe that personal and environmental health go hand in hand, you may already recycle your newspapers, compost your food and yard waste, or ride a bike to work.

Going paperless — choosing to receive communications from Highmark and other companies by email or online, rather than by traditional mail — is another way to help the environment by conserving natural resources, reducing the amount of paper in your home, and becoming more digital in your life.

Paper or Particles? Member Communications Are Your Choice

As a Highmark health plan member, if you prefer seeing tree-covered mountains to having mountains of paper, you have several options. For example:

  1. Sign up for the email version of your member newsletter, “Looking Healthward.” The member newsletter has helpful information and great health and wellness tips. Instead of receiving it in the mail as a paper newsletter, choose to have it emailed to you in an electronic version that is easy to scan and refer to later. This version lets you easily link to more information on the topics that interest you.
  2. Choose the “paperless” option for health plan alerts and communications, such as Explanations of Benefits (EOBs) and other notices. As a Highmark health plan member, one communication you may be familiar with is the EOB or plan activity statement. After you’ve received a medical service, those communications explain what portion of a bill you need to pay (or have already paid) and what your health plan paid your provider directly. Instead of waiting for these to come in the mail, you can “go paperless” and receive real-time email alerts as soon as a new claim or statement is available. This information is also posted on the member website under the Claims tab.
  3. If you buy your own health insurance, rather than getting it through an employer, you can also sign up for e-billing. If you prefer to pay your monthly premium online, or have it deducted automatically from a checking account, you can take advantage of Highmark e-billing options.

It’s Easy to Go Paperless

If you buy insurance on your own, your e-billing options are on the e-billing site.

For all other communications, you can easily use the member website to tell Highmark that you want to go paperless. (First-time users must register on their member website.)

When you log in to your member website, you’ll see a page like the one below:

Member home page showing easy paperless option

Just click on Change your settings under the Go Paperless heading and you’ll go straight to where you need to go. (If you prefer the scenic route, you can also click Your Account [top right of your member website home page after you log in], then Account Settings, and then Contact Preferences.)

Whether you took the one-click route with Change your settings or the longer road, you’ll now see a set of choices like those below:

Member site Paperless options

The easiest thing to do is to check the Go Paperless option at the top. That will automatically change your communication settings to a paperless/electronic option instead of postal mail (available for most types of plan information).

If you prefer, this page also lists each type of communication specific to your account; you can use the drop-down menus next to each one to change some, but not all, of the options you see to paperless.

We Can All Contribute to Keeping the Planet Healthy

It’s that easy to stay informed while saving paper — and taking a small step to keep the planet healthy.

If you’d like to learn more about what Highmark — and our employees — are doing to stay green, you can find quite a few articles about the environment and sustainability here on our blog. Or check out the “Keeping It Green” sidebar!