Another summer has come to an end. Kids are back in school, vacations have been taken, and all you’re left with are memories, awkward tan lines, and a sadly depleted stash of vacation days to get you through the rest of the year.

The days are getting shorter, and it seems like you have less time to accomplish your daily to-do’s. That adds up to a bit more stress than summer may have brought. But it’s not all bad. Your nightly TV lineup has dramatically improved (thank you, fall shows), and you can always save time by eating pie directly from the box and calling it dinner (core principle of #adulting), right?

Well, not technically wrong, but this month, we’re focusing on healthier ways to help you handle your stress.

September’s fitness plan introduces you to yoga to help you stay stress-free and boost your concentration, while this month’s nutrition plan provides time-saving recipes that are great to make and take on the go, whether you need breakfast, lunch or a snack for watching your favorite show’s season premiere.

September Fitness Plan — Yoga

If you’ve never done yoga, it may seem a bit intimidating. All those stretches and contortions look hard to the casual observer, and with hundreds of different poses, there’s a lot to learn. But fret not; yoga is actually really simple to ease into. Plus, it’s great for your mental and physical health.

Yoga benefits people of all ages by helping to relieve stress. Practicing yoga will also help you strengthen your muscles, improve your posture, and increase or retain your body’s flexibility.

As you try this month’s yoga stretches and strength workout, know that some poses require more flexibility than others. Respect what your body is capable of in order to avoid injury, and hold your stretches until you feel light tension in your muscles.

Yoga Stretching Workout: (Joanie)


Downward Dog — targets backside

Child’s Pose — targets lats and lower back

Chest Opener — targets abdomen and chest


Yoga Strength Workout: (Angelina)


Chair Pose — targets lower body, lower back and spine

Reverse Table-Top Pose— targets the chest and shoulders

Boat Pose — targets core and front of thigh

Locust Pose — targets lower back and glutes

Crescent Lunge Pose — targets lower body

September Nutrition Plan — On-the-Go Eating

Eating on the go can be difficult. If you’re always rushing out the door to head to your next activity, it’s admittedly much harder to find the time to pack or plan healthy meals.

Skipping meals or frequenting your office’s vending machine can seem like a viable option. But passing on meals and subsisting on snacks deprives your body of the energy it gets from nutrient-rich foods.

That’s why this month’s nutrition plan includes quick options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You’ll also find recipes for an almond snack mix and a delicious, herby popcorn — two snack options that can be packed in single-serve bags to get you a quick fix between meals.

Recipe Box:

Almond Snack Mix

Black Bean and Brown Rice Salad

One-Pot Tuna Casserole

Herby Popcorn


Berry Smoothie