Charles Schulz said it best: Happiness is a pile of leaves … and a fuzzy sweater.

Those are two pleasant signs that fall is upon us. A less-pleasant third sign is the return of cold and flu season, and the miserable symptoms that accompany it.

Nothing’s worse than being stuck in bed when there are pumpkins to pick, colorful foliage to admire, and an endless bounty of cinnamon-dusted treats to taste.

To help you avoid the solitary confinement of illness, this month’s plans were designed with your immune system in mind. We’ll start with a fitness plan that introduces you to free-weight training and finish off with a nutrition plan that includes the five things you should eat during flu season.

Give these plans a try and by the end of the month, you’ll be awaiting the Great Pumpkin sniffle-free.

Move for Health: Pump up Your Immune System

Advice from Highmark fitness expert, Lauren Skundrich.

Research suggests that there is a link between physical activity and the body’s ability to fight illness. To keep you active, this month’s plan includes the usual cardio and interval workouts as well as free-weight training, which will help you build body strength and maintain your range of motion.

As you try this month’s plan, remember not to overdo it. Use weights that are comfortable for you, and don’t increase the amount of weight you’re lifting too soon. Stick to the plan, be patient, and progress will come.

Workout 1: Free-Weight Workout

Push-ups with dumbbell

Dumbbell deadlift

Squat side leg lift with shoulder press

Single dumbbell pullover crunch

Workout 2: Bodyweight Workout

Push-ups with toe tap

Good morning stretch

Reverse plank with single leg extension

V-sit with rotation

Eat for Health: Fall Favorites

Advice from Highmark nutrition expert, Becky Duncan.

The return of fall means the return of foods and flavors you may have shelved for the summer. Think homemade chicken soup and herbal teas that induce a summertime sweat but become comforting favorites once the weather cools.

Luckily, these fall favorites aren’t just delicious; they also support your body’s immune system. This month’s recipes are packed with fiber and lean proteins to help you stay healthy all season.

Recipe Box:

Chilled Quinoa Salad

Easy Chicken Soup

Nut and Seed Breakfast Bars

Green Tea With Mint and Honey

Garlic Green Beans