While we prepare another year of the Do-It-Yourself Health posts you’ve (hopefully) come to know and love, we thought we’d kick off 2017 with a weekly series of exercises designed to start your year off right. Consider this your fitness “on-ramp.” We’ll start slow and simple, and over the next six weeks we’ll build up speed until you’re ready to tackle more challenging fitness goals.

These workout routines are designed to build on one another week to week. We’ll guide you through some strength-training exercises, a little cardio, and some stretches. To really get the impact of the workout, perform the routine at least two times per week.

This week, it’s our pleasure to introduce your bodyweight circuit. This is the basic foundation of the Fitness Challenge, which we’ll add to each week. Try to do two or three sets of each exercise, with fifteen repetitions each.

Note: For most exercises, you’ll see a standard and modified version in the videos below. If you’re not quite ready to take on the standard version of an exercise, look to the modified version to build your strength.

Bodyweight Circuit





Forearm Plank

Lunge Press



Glute Bridge