Fitness Plan: Foam Rolling

Imagine a tense, tightly packed ball of dough. Now, pick up your rolling pin, slowly press down on the dough and begin rolling it out, releasing the wound-tight ball into a smooth, relaxed sheet.

This is what foam rolling can do for your muscles, decreasing tension and relieving stress. Including foam rolling as part of your daily workout routine or as a wind-down activity at night can help promote relaxation and aid in easing yourself to sleep. Check out our Move for Health PDF for ways to work it into your weekly routine.

Thoracic Spine Rolling

Hamstring and Calves

Hip Flexor / Quadriceps


Chest Opener

Nutrition Plan: Better Food for Better Sleeping

Tic, toc. Tic, toc. Tic, toc. If you are one of more than 50 million Americans who struggle with sleeping disorders, the sound of a bedside clock can be haunting. It means you are lying awake, once again fighting to get those much needed winks.

Sleep disorders have many causes; some are physical, some are mental, and some are environmental. The good news is that, in many cases, small and relatively easy adjustments to your diet may help you get the seven to nine hours of sleep we all need. See the sidebar for a few general tips, then use our monthly recipes and shopping list to help you better sync up your circadian rhythm.


Popcorn & Walnuts


Banana Shake

Trail Mix

Drowsy Dip’n Sticks

Rice and Milk