Fitness: Staying Active for the Winter

Starting the New Year off with a resolution to be healthier is great. Whether your goal is to lose weight, prevent weight gain, get in shape or just feel better, being more physically active is equally as important as making smarter food choices. Physical activity supports caloric balance, maintaining heart and muscle health while increasing the rate at which your body burns calories.

Even if you have all the motivation in the world, though, if the weather outside is frightful, you may not be able to safely get to a gym or enjoy your favorite outdoor activities. Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered with some exercises below that can be done at home anytime! No matter what the weather is outside, you can still get meaningful exercise that will support your healthy New Year’s goals.


1. Boat Pose


2. Lunges


3. Push-ups


4. Dips


5. Squats with Tricep Extension


Nutrition: Healthier Eating

It’s the New Year and you may be feeling it’s time to get rid of some bad eating habits. Maybe you want to try to eat “cleaner” or are motivated to be a healthier role model for your family. But how do you get started? Better yet, how do you keep the momentum going and achieve lasting lifestyle changes…especially if your busy schedule doesn’t leave much time for cooking, measuring and counting? Keep it simple — here are a few easy strategies to help you begin and maintain a healthful lifestyle without deprivation and too much effort.

First tip — use your least busy day to prepare food for the upcoming week. Grocery shopping and cooking one day of the week can provide you with reheat-and-eat meals for the rest of the week. Try preparing large batches of hard-boiled eggs, oatmeal, brown rice, quinoa, or baked sweet potatoes. These staples can be used for breakfast at work, added to salads, or as a side for dinner.

Second tip — take healthy shortcuts. Don’t hesitate to purchase a rotisserie chicken or pre-cut vegetables and fruits. Let’s not forget about canned beans, tuna or chicken for some high-quality, versatile protein.

Finally — watching portion sizes is a must, especially if weight loss is a goal. One helpful approach is to create your own calorie-controlled meal “kits” by portioning out cooked/prepared ingredients into reusable containers. For breakfast, put some oatmeal in a microwave safe dish and add your favorite toppings. Combine your favorite fruit in a freezer bag for easy access — if you are craving a smoothie, just add some yogurt and juice. For lunch and dinner, start with a base of whole grains and protein, then add some fresh or frozen vegetables. Pop your prepped meals in the microwave as necessary and you will be eating healthy pre-measured portions in no time. Keep your healthy New Year tasty by downloading our monthly Eat for Health meal plan and grocery list, and checking out the recipes below.


Chocolate Banana Oatmeal


Greek Yogurt Tropical Freeze

Crock Pot Turkey Chili

Sweet and Savory Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Crust-less Apple Pie