As our second exciting year of DIY Health posts comes to a close, we wanted to highlight a collection of our favorite videos from 2017. Although our posts often have seasonal themes, the videos and tips in them are helpful all year round. As it turns out, 2017’s top recipes and exercises are perfect for the holiday season. Pair up with a visiting family member for our partner training exercises from March, or to share the unique deck-of-cards workout from July. Delight your holiday guests with the scrumptious yet healthy blueberry cookies we introduced in November or amaze your co-workers with July’s delicious mocktail at your holiday work party. Whatever the reason, these favorites will help you keep healthy this holiday season and right into 2018!

Fitness Videos: Best of 2017


1. Yoga (September)


2. Balance Training (April)


3. Partner Training (March)


4. Card Game (July)


5. Foam Rolling (October)


Recipe Videos: Best of 2017


1. Dip (June)


2. Mocktail (July)


3. Popcorn (October)


4. Blueberry Cookie (November)


5. Smoothie (September)