Since 2016, Highmark health plan wellness coaches and nutritionists have collaborated to create a monthly article with fun and simple tips, videos, recipes, and downloadable handouts to help you live more healthfully. If you’re a Highmark health plan member, you can reach some of the same people who write the articles and star in the videos through programs like Blues on Call. (You’ll find a contact number for Blues On Call on the back of your member ID card, or you can call 1-888-258-3428.)

To close out 2018, we asked our team to vote on their favorite videos from this year. Their top 5 fitness and recipe videos are listed below — we hope you’ll find them helpful throughout the holidays and into 2019.

Speaking of 2019, we’re currently discussing how best to share something like the DIY Health series in the future, and we’d love to include your feedback. Please use the comments section at the end of this article or our Comments form to share what you like (or don’t) about the DIY Health tips and format, suggested improvements, or other ways you’d prefer to get wellness tips. If you’re with an employer group plan customer, we’d also love to hear how you have used this content at your organization — and what we could do to better support your efforts.

And now — here are the 2018 “Coaches’ Choice Awards”!

Best Fitness Video: Exercises for Kids of Any Age (September)

Frog Jump

Alligator Crawl

Jump Rope



Best Recipe Video: Roasted Veggie Brown Rice Lunch Bowl (October)

Roasted Veggie Brown Rice Lunch Bowl

Runners Up, Fitness Videos

Cardio Interval Workout (February)


Jumping Jacks

Spider Planks

Jump Squats

Single Leg Run (switching legs halfway through)

Full Body Strength and Cardio (March)

Twisted Lunges

Jump Rope

Plank with a Twist

Backwards Lunges

Walking and Jogging Intervals (not shown)

Exercises You Can Do Anywhere (May)

Speed Skaters

Jump Lunges

Mountain Climbers

Flutter Kicks

Side Plank

Weight-bearing Exercises (October)

Low to High Woodchop

Squat to Press

Reverse Lunge, Pass, Row


Walk, Jog, Run or Do the Stairs! (not shown)

Runners Up, Recipe Videos

Good Fat Guacamole (February)


Black Bean Burgers (March)


Sweet Potato Hash (May)


Sweet and Salty Trail Mix (June)