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This section is for Highmark health plan members. Here you can find posts to help you understand different types of insurance plans, choose and sign up for coverage, and take advantage of your plans’ benefits, features, and online tools. Whether you receive coverage from your employer, have Highmark Medicare Advantage, or buy your own insurance on the marketplace, you’ll find helpful information for making smart decisions.

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Posted November 6, 2015
Olympic medals
Understanding what the ACA health plan metal levels mean can help you find the plans that suit you best. Read More
Posted October 29, 2015
Portion of an insurance bill and pen
To manage your health care costs, understand the “networks” that go with your health plan. Our experts explain the basics. Read More
Posted October 23, 2015
manilla folder with "best price"
Break down the walls around health care costs and shop smarter when you need a test, procedure or other health care service. Read More
Posted October 10, 2015
Prescription DollarSigns
1% of U.S. prescriptions are for specialty drugs. Yet they account for 32% of drug costs. We’re working to find balance. Read More
Posted October 1, 2015
Health insurance graphic
The ACA market has had challenges for both consumers and health plans. Here’s how we’re tackling those challenges for 2016. Read More
Posted September 19, 2015
Eating Chicken Parm
Preparing a healthy meal isn’t always easy or convenient. Highmark offers member discounts on services that can help. Read More
Posted August 8, 2015
Note that reads "Make a Difference"
Meet Kathy Taylor, a retired university mathematics professor who has been a PALS volunteer since 2011. Read More

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For your privacy and security, please don’t include Highmark member IDs or other personal health information when contacting us. Here’s how to get in touch with Member Service when you need health plan help.

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