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Gene Therapy Research: Meet Dr. Michael Passineau
Posted April 17, 2019
Mike Passineau works the problem of getting new DNA across “the seven longest nanometers in nature” — the cell membrane.
Veteran Voices: Walter Rosado
Posted April 11, 2019
Walter Rosado tried to join the Navy at age 13 — and he’s been exceeding expectations and finding a “better way” ever since.
Ask a Doc: Bloodless Medicine
Posted April 03, 2019
There’s more to “bloodless medicine” than you might think — we found just the right trauma surgeon to deepen our knowledge.
MyStory at Highmark Health: Meet Justin, Carley and Joseph
Posted March 27, 2019
Now in its fourth year, MyStory videos feature inspiring individual stories from inside and outside the workplace.
Meet Your Highmark Health Care Team: Medicare Advocates
Posted March 19, 2019
Instead of waiting for Medicare members to call with a problem, our team calls them to avoid problems in the first place.
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