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Warrior Writers: An Ancient Ritual in Modern America
Posted February 19, 2019
Writing aided her healing and transition as a veteran, and now Jenny Pacanowski pays it forward through Warrior Writers.
Advancing Care for Autoimmune Diseases: Virginia Ladd
Posted February 12, 2019
AHN’s Autoimmunity Institute fulfilled a vision for this long-time leader in advancing autoimmune disease research and care.
Getting Health Care Right: A Conversation with Patricia Howard
Posted February 04, 2019
SVP Patricia Howard and her Health Plan Operations team are getting health care right for millions of health plan members.
Ask a Doc: Pulmonary Hypertension
Posted February 01, 2019
One of the nation’s leading experts on pulmonary hypertension shares insights on diagnosis, treatment and research.
Freespira: Living Free from Panic
Posted January 22, 2019
Success stories like Jamie Kwolek’s led Highmark health plans to begin covering Freespira’s panic disorder treatment in 2018.
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